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Our products

Finally! Pea-ce of mind

Parenting isn’t always easy, especially when dairy or soya don’t work for you. Grow with iris is nutritious, easy-to-use, easy-on-the-planet, and toddler-approved.


No weird stuff, no worries, no apologies. Just add water and enjoy.


We’re here to give every family – whatever their dietary needs – the power to make positive choices so our kids can grow up happy and healthy.


So instead of overly medicalised, yucky tasting synthetics that feel like second best, all families can choose delicious, nutritious products that are easy to use and have little ones calling out for seconds.

  • Made with 24 added vitamins & minerals – daily goodness in one convenient, delicious drink

  • Milk, lactose, egg, gluten, soya, peanut and tree nut-free

  • Suitable for vegans and veggies

  • Also free from artificial colours and flavours, stabilisers, additives, emulsifiers, weird stuff, worry or judgement

  • Made with experts: developed with nutritionists and food scientists, backed by dietitians and doctors

  • Grow with Iris has a lower carbon footprint than major competitors

  • We also work to daily nutritional requirements for young children (not adults!)

Grow with Iris is packed
with goodness

Vitamin D and calcium which contribute to normal development of bones in children

Our power
peas are a great
source of fibre

and protein

Iodine and iron
for healthy brain
and functional development

vitamin B12
and zinc

Our story

Our story starts with Iris…

“We created Grow with Iris to help support children that can’t go down the ‘normal’ feeding route, and to help ease the stress and desperation that comes with this.”
— Amy, Iris’ mum and co-founder

Iris rash.jpg

We get it because we've been there.


When Iris’ Mum Amy realised dairy and soya were a no-go for her daughter, she struggled to find a growing up drink that didn’t taste like it was made in a test tube.


So, together with a team of doctors, dieticians, allergy experts and taste-testing toddlers, she set about making her own.


The result is Grow with Iris, the revolutionary, free from and plant-based growing up drink that’s delicious, nutritious and toddler-approved. 


We’re for everyone who’s over 1: Allergy kids, intolerant kids, plant-based kids, climate-conscious kids, animal-loving kids, fussy kids, try-anything kids, and I-wanted-the-blue-cup-wahhhhh kids.

Iris as a baby and Amy with Iris today

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